5 ways to protect your major event from Corona Virus

You may be one of many companies who’ve invested man-months of planning and paid for venues for your next major event. Maybe it’s a conference, or a training course or even a major exhibition. Now suddenly you need to contend with Coronavirus and the risk of a large number of no shows and cancellations. There’s no insurance available and your business sales and revenues could be really badly impacted. So what can you do now to mitigate the very real risks of an oncoming pandemic? Here are 5 ways to apply advanced live streaming services to mitigate such risks by providing an alternative means to reach and serve your audience.

#1 Implement a secure professional live streaming service with multiple cameras and feeds from presenters presentation slides. This will give clients the opportunity to attend remotely and prevent the need to offer refunds.

#2 Use advanced conferencing services to link the Livestream to polling and live social media interaction services in order to give your customers most of the benefits of physically attending the event.

#3 Then use pay-per-view to get revenues from remote viewing attendees and mitigate against lost ticket sales.

#4 Offer a video to promote the option of physically attending with all of the safety measures that you will provide, including things to be provided such as face masks, hand gel, tissues and advice to those who might have symptoms to self isolate.

#5 If you have sponsors or exhibitors who have paid for promotion at the event, offer them free video promotion sent to all of the original audience using short TV studio talk show or demonstrations or on stand interviews.

This can be done economically as part of a series for less than £150 Ex-VAT per sponsor and will prevent large refunds.

Finally, tip #6 keep everyone up to date with reassuring professionally presented and produced video news updates.

With natural limited time and resources for implementing this type of strategy call us now for a video conference to discuss the feasibility of such an alternate strategy for your next major event or conference.

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