Founded in July 2010, TVNF was created when John Allard was developing an eLearning business but found he couldn’t find an affordable way to make large amounts of YouTube training videos to a corporate standard.  Two years earlier he’d visited the famous Motown Recording Studio which became the archetypal ‘hit factory’. The founder of Mowtown, Berry Gordy, had borrowed directly on the concept of factory production from the local Ford car plant. From very humble beginnings in his garage, he built an amazing record company.  Taking this as his inspiration John used his 25 years in IT managed services where he’d constantly been involved with digital media to create his own ‘video news factory service’. He hired local halls and invited businesses to test out for free a simple ‘walk-in’ video production service for local businesses. It was an instant hit and he started charging for the service and the rest is as they say history!


Today TVNF has a team of highly skilled videographers and animators, a great production facility with a state-of-the-art TV studio serving the UK and beyond.

We combine this with innovative use of the latest programs using artificial intelligence to generate even higher levels of productivity.


3D animation and related new forms of animation such as 360 degree spin product displays have become a major part of our work.

These techniques bring products to life in a way that is in most cases, better than experiencing the real thing. You can quickly disassemble the object, add extra information to highlight any feature. This has lead to growing demand for 3D animation as part of eCommerce applications. We now have a specialist division to cater for these projects called 3D Animations Wizards.


TVNF has a history of doing significant R&D. We are working to further develop our advanced video production and live-streaming services with a new range of products for integrated video production systems and technologies that will be launched in 2020 as a new division called ‘The Video Power Guys’.


Community social responsibility program

In our tenth year, we have had to deal with the pandemic. Our response was to set up a free Public News & Information service for our home City, Milton Keynes. This has it’s own website www.mkchannel40.com, video news service, and a dedicated Facebook group that has already gained over 2,000 new members. TVNF plans to continue to sponsor this for free to help promote caring, sharing, and protecting Milton Keynes. We are also planning a major campaign to grow new Milton Keynes clients, help them to recover from the economic crash, and will be donating 20% of these new MK contracts back to local MK Charities.



John ‘JP’ Allard

Founder & Managing Director

Studied graphic design at Manchester Metropolitan University, then built a career in IT. By the mid-1990s he was already working on projects like Internet TV for doctors and the World’s first virtual health village. He then helped launch interactive health education services for InfoTech Inc. partnering with the Health Education Authority. In the noughties, he won and program managed many eCommerce projects with major banks, telcos, and national retailers. In 2010 he set up what is now The Video News Factory.

FUN FACT: JP often goes off to the woods to enjoy Field Archery.


Corneliu Popovici

Video Production Manager, Videographer & 3D Animation Specialist

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration, Corneliu started his journey in the video production industry, working all around the world. With over 15 years of experience in video production and 5 years in the 3D industry, he is now leading the production team to consistently produce the highest quality in video and 3D services.

FUN FACT: Corrie enjoys driving in storms.

kata-new BW

Kata Szaniszlo

Video Editor, Animator and Graphic Artist

Kata would describe herself as the ‘one usually behind the camera.’ Although her work never goes unnoticed. With a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Graphic Design, specialising in animation, she is now one of the key behind the video production process.

FUN FACT: Despite her quiet demeanor, she starred as a witch in a scene for a Macbeth feature movie. Although she only wanted to be a runner and an assistant.

Nesanath Fernando

Senior Videographer

Nesananth originally studied engineering and made videos as a hobby, but found himself with so many requests from friends to create videos that he chose to give up engineering and gradually built his career in music videos. He has recently completed his MSc in Videography.

FUN FACT:  Breaking news – this year (2020) Nesanath has just heard he’s won one of the most prestigious filmmaking competitions for Asian short video and music video and will be flying out to Norway to mix it with the glitterati and top Movie moguls.

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