At TVNF, we have had the privilege of covering events of different proportions, from those that were recognised on a national level, like Miss England to initiatives on a local level. No matter the enormity of the project, we are more than prepared to fulfil. Due to our wide array of equipment and a well-versed team to suit, we are highly proficient in capturing your event live in full HD for your audience that are perhaps online or simply not at the event itself.  As well as event capture, we can certainly live-stream your event, broadcasting it to your audience on various platforms, such as YouTube & Facebook. All in all, providing you a service that not only prolongs the lifespan of your event but also makes it more versatile, accessible for a wider range of people.

An image consisting of monitors among other technology that we use for event capture and livestreaming at corporate events.
  • Stream live simultaneoulsy on Facebook & YouTube

  • Send snapshot to live social media

  • Display social media feeds during live transmission

  • Intergrate your PC presentation with live mixing

  • Record up to 15 hours of live video content in Full HD

  • Hire top presenters, hosts and journalists

  • Create short clips from full event livecast highlights

  • Support to help setup and preview promotional material on social media

  • Hire optional extras for design

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