How to achieve massive livestreaming & social media success without paid advertising

This  summer The Video News Factory Miss England 2019 was entrusted with producing the Livestreaming of the 2019 Grand Finals and also running a national competition to find the best Miss England TV presenter allowing contestants and the chance to present and interview guests in topical discussions, such as, mental health, global warming, bullying, diversity among others. Then, their videos were voted on by the public to determine the top 10 presenters out of 20 finalists and the winner selected by a panel of judges. This new round was published on Miss England’s official competition channel, entitled Miss England TV. The channel operates as an Internet TV channel on YouTube and Facebook, bypassing ITV, BBC & Sky, reaching viewers on demand via mobile devices and SMART TV. Being the official video media partner, TVNF also was responsible for delivering a 6 hour long livestream of the Grand Final that was held in Newcastle. The event was broadcast on the Miss England TV channel on YouTube. In the first 7 days, the live-stream accumulated 33,400 impressions, over 13,000 views with 7.1k of theses being unique, one of the best results ever achieved on Miss England’s YouTube Channel.

It’s important to consider that video on the internet has transformed into a more interactive form of content and that it truly thrives within a community. Moreover, this was proven within the first day of competition wheere we were able to achieve an organic reach of 48,456 individuals, marking the start of an upward trend with the second day reaching 68,826 people. By the end of the 5-day competition, our posts on their page were able to reach 342,212 profiles, which represented and exponential increase. However, a competition of this nature requires engagement and that’s exactly what it received. The collection of videos received 145,460 views, over 17,000 reactions and more impressively, just over 61,000 shares over a 5-day span.

Rehearsals of livestreaming from Grand Finals of MIss England 2019

By combining video with group and community social media we can quickly drive up engagement and achieve mass awareness without using traditional media channels or spending large amounts on advertising and promotion. All of the above was achieved by purely organic means without any paid advertising.

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