How we created a high impact video tour of a data centre

TVNF has just completed a major project with Secure I.T. Environments Ltd for a demonstration of their service that designs and build portable data centres.

Simple production process combining 3D animation and on-location filming

It began with a 2 hour briefing and concept workshop. We looked at what would be needed to explain the entire construction and take anyone viewing the video on a tour around the data centre and cover all the key features.

The client gave us the logical sequence for delivery starting with a design meeting then showing the actual architectural framework. After this we agreed a simple logical walk through of all the elements that needed to be shown.

Once this was completed we looked at the best techniques to display each scene and decided on a combination of powerful 3D animation and real-life shots gliding through and around the unit.

We also booked a days filming with a precise shot list and with the help of the client captured each and every scene needed.

The next stage was to get the CAD (computer aided design) plans and convert them into a 3D animation.

Once we had these assets the rest was done to hours of animation and editing.

The editing and review was handled using our web portal.

The Finished Result

Application to boost sales and marketing

The video will be a centre piece at Data Centre World 2019 and also be used in proposals, presentations and all digital marketing.

It can also be easily converted to any language by simple altering the text.