Live Streaming & Pay-per-View

5 years of experience streaming major events

The Video News Factory has been delivering major live streaming of events with a small scale outside broadcast service 2015 for clients ranging from Farmers Weekly to the Miss England contest.  The service has been extended to include Pay-Per-View, voting, polling and social media interaction.

We can also combine live camera coverage at events together with guests brought in via remote video camera feeds from services like Zoom combining these with our live event video camera coverage then re-streamed to YouTube and Facebook Live.

In 2020 we launched new services with Pay-per-View capability which can be applied to training, entertainment, beauty pageants and sports events.

An image consisting of monitors among other technology that we use for event capture and livestreaming at corporate events.
  • Stream live simultaneously on Facebook & YouTube
  • Send snapshots to live social media
  • Display social media feeds & polls, during live transmission
  • Use of mobile wireless cameras
  • Integrate your PC presentation or stage audiovisuals, or pre-recorded media with live mixing
  • Integrate with Zoom, Skype, Facebook Rooms and Microsoft Teams
  • Record up to 15 hours of live video content in Full HD whilst streaming.
  • Hire top presenters, hosts and journalists
  • Post-production to create short highlights from the event
  • Support to help promote events on social media
  • Hire of extra audiovisual equipment and staging
  • Live production planning and surveys.
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