New transport sector focus for corporate video production

There’s no doubt that the UK transport sector is undergoing a huge revolution surrounding regulatory changes driven by and environmental factors and more changes occurring with Alternative fuels and the introduction of driverless vehicles.

The Video News Factory has always had a focus on technology and engineering. So perhaps it’s of no surprise that over the last 12 months, without specifically targeting this market, we have won a number of contracts to create a large variety of projects.

For example we’ve:

  • Created new training videos for Dawsongroup PLC, who are a large UK vehicle contracts company, plus creating news and promotional videos that have added tens of thousands of new views on LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Livestreamed the Private Hire & Taxi Monthly show and helping deliver their new news updates and podcast services to promote their national newspaper on social media.
  • Worked with taxi industry technology supplier Driverspay on development of new customer testimonies and products demonstrations, plus the design and launch of their YouTube channel.
  • And this month we will be filming the national conference of a legal firm who specialize in the transport sector as well as developing their YouTube channel.


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