TVNF Partners with Nollywood Entertainment London Studios

Nollywood Entertainment Studios and The Video News Factory are partnering.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Nollywood Entertainment Studios ‘NES’.

The Video News Factory ‘TVNF’ will be providing technical support and equipment.  JP Allard says, “TVNF will provide access to a skilled workforce and state of the art technology for hire by the hour” for clients or NES”.

TVNF will be partnering with CEO Sam Anwuzia and combining his experience with international film production and business.

Nollywood Entertainment Studios are a team of experienced creatives in diverse areas of the entertainment industry, they currently hold a studio space that they provide to creatives for multimedia use.

Their opening event on the 30th of July, if you are interested in tickets click here. Additionally, there will be a launch of a training academy for youth and young adults to get more involved with the entertainment industry, and John will discuss the importance of the balance of creativity and business at the event.

After the opening, NES will be hosting regular networking events with other creatives in and around London. Which you can sign up to be regularly be invited to these events with some exciting benefits, such as access to a professional studio and equipment.

Check out Nollywood Entertainment Studios’ website here and contact them through email; or call their landline at 02083160936.


  1. Great. Lovely stuff. Congratulations Uncle Sam , Team Nollywood Entertainment and John /TVNF team.

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