Press Release: Technology partnership creates innovative ‘post lockdown’ events service

Dateline: 22/02/2021 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital events and the ‘boom in zoom. But with the end of the lockdown insight, physical events are set to return soon. So, what will be the future shape of events and conferences in 2021 and beyond?

Two well-established companies think they have the answer with plans for hybrid events.

TR Global Events delivered differing styles of live events pre-pandemic, ranging from corporate summer and Christmas parties, conferences, awards ceremonies, business exhibitions, and tradeshows to name a few.  The events landscape has changed and the need to embrace technology is more prevalent now than it ever was before.

TR Global Events are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Milton Keynes based video services company The Video News Factory Ltd. TVNF has been involved in streaming events and conferences since 2015 working for a diverse range of major brands from Farmers Weekly to Miss England. During the Pandemic TVNF provided a lifeline for companies by operating live streaming and pay-per-view ‘virtual events and conferences’ from its COVID safe TV studio.

Tony Murdock has joined TVNF as Associate Director for Events and will be integrating TVNF services with the gradual re-introduction of live events and conferences, adding TVNF digital broadcasting services to extend the reach and value of live with the power to fully engage with national and international audiences.

TRG CEO, Tony commented, “with the Events world the way it is now, we need to embrace the technology that has been forced upon us.  Live events will return, but the need for live and virtual to work hand in hand is evident now more than ever.  With the use of technology, an event audience and exposure can increase to a global scale and to that end, we are delighted to welcome the expertise of JP and his team to deliver the new norm in events.  JP joins TRG as Associate Director of Digital Services and this new strategic partnership is already working on several projects together to deliver the perfect hybrid event”

These new hybrid events will deliver both physical and virtual exhibitor booths, main stages and breakout presentations, integration of remote guests to help overcome travel restrictions, voting and chat services that both live and digital audiences can use, pay-per-view and subscription services, access to TV studios as well as on-location ‘outside broadcast style’ multi-camera coverage. These services have been tried and tested during the pandemic and will be supported by a combined team in TVNF and TRG with over 50-man years of experience in corporate event communications and technology.

TVNF’s Managing Director, JP Allard, who has been involved in Internet TV since its birth in the mid-1990s, said.

“Before the pandemic there was a fair amount of hesitancy about the value of adding live streaming to corporate events. The disruption and challenges of the last 12 months has more than justified the need to deploy digital technologies. Livestreaming has been centre stage and proven to be of enormous value. Whilst we are yearning for ‘real events’ to return, professional live streaming is now no longer an ‘optional extra’ that’s why we are excited by the prospect of partnering with TR Global Events to deliver digital services to maximise value to sponsors and delegates alike and fully integrate our advanced digital services”

About TR Global Events Ltd

Established in 2019, TRG is an award-winning complete service events company based in Cambridge with an office in Florida, USA.  Formed by Tony Murdock to create an exceptional service offering to deliver their clients brief, exceeding expectations every time within their budget to ensure complete satisfaction, anywhere in the world.  The TRG team are highly experienced award-winning hospitality and event professionals who know how to deliver.

About The Video News Factory:

Established in 2010, TVNF is a privately-owned company, based in Milton Keynes, UK that designs, builds and operates advanced video production services company with. TVNF serves UK and International corporate clients and projects such as Routeco, Nexans, Riello UPS, IDT Financial Services, Miss England, Farmers Weekly, SEMLEP, British Dietetic Association, Dawson group plc, IHS Global, Lindt & Sprüngli (UK) Ltd, RS Components and Trimble.

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