Should I livestream a business event?

We have done some research on why stats and experiences show that you should take your events to the online world. Not only is this coming from research and data, but also first-hand experiences through client surveys and reviews of the services we have provided in the past. Hopefully this blog provides a thought-provoking reflection if you are planning to bring your events to the digital age.

Before we begin with the video aspect; I want to start off by giving an idea on the importance of hosting events as a marketing initiative. The Bizzabo Blog states that 41% of marketers believe events are the single-most effective marketing channel across digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing. Within two years, this percentage has increased by 32%! In addition to this, 68% of B2B marketers use in-person events as a lead generation campaign. When meeting in person, you are in a scenario where you expect to network – and body language is extremely important for delegates to come and speak with you and buy into you as a person. Therefore, they are more likely to build a business relationship with you.

Delegates Networking At Conference Drinks Reception

Onto the video side of marketing your event. Much like shopping – people like to ‘try on’ before purchasing. I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this but if I go to a theme park, I am not likely to step on a ride without watching the full spin of it first. Your clients want to know what kind of event they are stepping into, before taking the plunge. Livestreaming an event gives them exactly what they want, a full overview of how the day runs, the types of companies that might be in attendance and whether they can benefit from visiting you.

In a 2011 study by Virtual Edge Institute, the found that 82% of their online audience were encouraged by the virtual environment and said that they were more likely to attend the next event.

A Metal roller coaster against blue sky

Livestreaming online can also at least double your number of attendees. It’s especially great for those occasions when a party in unable to make the event, they can watch online instead. The most successful businesses of 2018 were spending 1.7x the average marketing budget on live events.

Although viewing online takes away from the face-to-face experience, it doesn’t remove you from the action. Social media integration encourages real-time debates between audiences.

And let’s not forget – it saves your attendees money on travel expenditures!