Why livestream a business event?

Events are a major part of any company’s annual marketing plans. They may also be an important part of revenue generation.

The Bizzabo Blog states that 41% of marketers believe events are the single-most effective marketing channel across digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing. Within two years, this percentage has increased by 32%! In addition to this, 68% of B2B marketers use in-person events as a lead generation campaign. When meeting in person, you are in a scenario where you expect to network – and body language is extremely important for delegates to come and speak with you and buy into you as a person. Therefore, they are more likely to build a business relationship with you.

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But not everyone you really want to attend will be there so the next best thing is to extend the event out by means of leivestreaming in order to serve the interests of your target audience so they can at least get a sense of the attendees, VIPs and key speakers. You can offer this access for free or monetise with pay-per-view for premium content.

With livestreaming, wherever your audience are where they’ll be able to access exactly what they want, when they want. They will see a full overview of how the day runs, the types of companies that might be in attendance and they’ll be able to determine how they can benefit from being at your next event.

In a 2011 study by Virtual Edge Institute, the found that 82% of their online audience were were more likely to attend the next event after seeing a previous event online.

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Livestreaming will undoubtedly extend reach and give massive return on investment. During a series of livestreams we produced for one major publication each livestream gained between 1,000 and 2,000 unique views within 90 days of each event on top of an invited audience of around 100 guests. Another major event that we ran for a national organisation gained over 13,000 views in just one week, with more than 50% of these being unique.

On top of thjis, although viewing online takes away from the face-to-face experience, it doesn’t remove you from the action. Social media integration encourages real-time debates between audiences.

Finally, out of a days filming you will be able to produce a wealth of video, audio and imagery to power digital content marketing for many weeks and months ahead.