Christmas 3D animation get’s over 50,000 views in first week!

Back in Early August 2020 TVNF signed a contract to develop a 3D character animation for The Institute of Engineering & Technology for a Christmas 3D character animation designed to help inspire the next generation of engineers to save the planet.  We partnered with IET.TV, the Institute’s own in-house production team to film Chris Jarvis from Cbeebies and project managed the 3D animation and using an international team of animators have delivered to time and budget and production that some said should take 6 months to create and double the cost this epic production called: Help Santa Save the North Pole! A Christmas Video!  

In just one day the video has registered over 5,000 views and in it’s first week gained over 50,000 views! So please pass to your children and inspire them to help Santa too!

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