TVNF Sponsors MK Channel 40 a FREE Public Newsgroup Service

On March 16th TVNF created a FREE Public News and Information service to help MK beat Coronavirus (COVID-19).  This combines video news channel, interviews, creating a Facebook newsgroup ‘Milton Keynes Beating Coronavirus’, which now has over 2,000 members and which works with over a dozen other social media groups to share and syndicate news, plus a dedicated website

Due to the lockdown, John Allard built a news production service form his home and connected with guests from charities and businesses to share interviews and news using Zoom then re-broadcast out to Facebook.

TVNF intends to continue to operate the service for free for the MK community and charities for the foreseeable future. Once the lockdown has completely ended we also hope to cover live fundraising events and creating youth training opportunities.

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